Christian Solidarity Worldwide have reported:  "In India Pastor Arthur was taken away by police while he was preaching online to his congregation.  In China Christians trying to worship online are also being targetted.   Christians and Hindus in Pakistan are facing starvation in lockdown since they are being denied food aid by others.  In Nigeria a canon and his family were fired on on their own homes by armed assailants, who should have been in lockdown.  CSW has found that many are suffering in the pandemic in other ways than that of health matters. Please pray for them all." If you would like to subscribe to our emaiil newsletter you can sign up here Links to the Scottish Episcopal Church’s response and guidance can be found here. Faith in Older People produce a regular newsletter which they are sharing with us Click here to read more
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On this page we will try to give you updates, sources of support and ideas of how you can keep in touch and still feel part of St Ninian’s. Restrictions have eased considerably and we hope it will not be too long before we can resume congregational worship. Please keep praying for all our friends and family who are ill at this time, some with Covid-19, many with other serious health problems.
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